5 Reasons to Consider Dental Sedation

5 Reasons to Consider Dental Sedation

Does the thought of dental treatment make you feel a little uneasy? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that around 1 in 3 people have some form of dental anxiety. Fortunately, dental sedation in San Diego can put your mind at ease. Here are 5 reasons to consider adding it to your next appointment at Del Sur Ranch Dental.

1. Catch Up on the Care You Need

Have you been avoiding seeing a dentist? Maybe you’re only due for a checkup and cleaning, or you’ve had a toothache nagging at you for months. When you add San Diego dental sedation onto your scheduled appointment, it’s easier to “catch up” on whatever to-dos are on your dental health list.

Perhaps you have a few fillings that all need to be tended to. By taking advantage of sedation dentistry, you can schedule those treatments during the same appointment (before they evolve into a crown and/or root canal.) Sedation can give you a jump-start on getting back to the healthier smile you deserve. Anyone can request it!

2. Overcome Dental Phobia

Past experiences, sensitive teeth, and general fear of the dentist can be enough to deter anyone from scheduling a dental appointment. Whether you’re mildly anxious about dental appointments or so fearful that you almost break out into a sweat, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Dental sedation is an excellent tool to help overcome your fear of the dental office. In fact, most people only need it once or twice before downgrading to a lesser sedative or not needing any at all. But if you prefer for all of your visits to be completed with sedation, that’s fine too.

Our San Diego dentists will always work at your pace to ensure the best level of comfort. At Del Sur Ranch Dental, we offer sedation for patients of all ages and backgrounds. So, no matter what you’ve been through in the past, we’re here to make your smile’s future a positive one. 

3. Fewer Appointments

One of the most convenient advantages of sedation dentistry is that we can complete multiple procedures in fewer appointments. Since you’ll be comfortable from start to finish, it’s completely fine to work on several different teeth at the same visit (rather than schedule you for two or three additional ones.) The healthier your smile is, the less likely you’ll need treatments outside of your regular six-month checkups.

Without dental sedation, it’s fairly common to break up treatments to keep patients comfortable. Adding sedation to your dental appointment eliminates the need for those extra breaks; plus, you have the option of feeling as if you’re sleeping through the entire process.

4. Reduce Your Treatment Costs

When you’re able to stay up to date on your dental needs, concerns like cavities or gum disease don’t get out of hand. Treatments are smaller and more affordable to correct, as opposed to delaying treatment (because of dental anxiety) and requiring more complex therapies in the months ahead. If you already have serious dental concerns that require attention, sedation may be the only way to avoid a referral to a specialist’s practice or surgical center.

5. Choose Your Level of Sedation

Dental sedation comes in varying levels, depending on what your needs are. What does dental sedation feel like? Some methods are lighter and quickly reversible, while others are deeper and longer-lasting. You can feel as if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine or are drowsy enough that it’s like napping through the entire visit.

Dental Sedation Near You

Del Sur Ranch Dental offers several types of in-house dental sedation in San Diego. If you have questions like “How much does dental sedation cost?” Or “Do I qualify for dental sedation?”, we encourage you to reserve a no-fuss consultation at our San Diego practice. We’ll review your medical history and personal background to help you determine the best sedation options for your needs! Contact Del Sur Ranch Dental today to get started.