Reasons why Patients Choose Dental Implants

Reasons Why Patients Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of several ways for patients in the San Diego, CA area to replace missing teeth. They address a wide range of issues and work wonders to maintain the function, health, and beauty of the smile. At Del Sur Ranch Dental in San Diego, Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD and his team are committed to helping patients choose the proper restoration for their smiles after tooth loss. Our team is here to answer various questions regarding this and other options for tooth replacement.

What is a dental implant?

Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD of Del Sur Ranch Dental describes dental implants as tooth root replacements. These appliances look like hardware screws and are placed into the jaw’s bone. They are held in place with the same bone that holds the existing teeth in the mouth. They stimulate bone growth through a process called osseointegration, allowing the implant to be held firmly into the bone for proper function. These restorations have a connective piece called an abutment that sits above the gum line and can support a bridge, denture, or dental crown to replace one, several, or all the teeth. This versatility is just one of the reasons patients love dental implants!

What are dental implant benefits to consider?

If you are thinking about the dental implant vs. other restorations available for missing teeth, it’s time to talk to Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD about the benefits dental implants can provide when compared to alternatives. Below are just a few of the main reasons patients choose dental implants.

• Implants keep existing teeth in place. The placement of a dental implant is one way to keep teeth from shifting out of place when gaps are left behind. This is incredibly important for patients who may have had orthodontic work done in the past to realign the teeth and do not want to experience movement.
• Implants are durable and long-lasting. With proper care, patients can expect their dental implants to last a lifetime. This makes them a smart investment in the smile for many adults who have decades of life ahead of them.
• Implants help in preserving bone and tissue. The natural bone is known to shrink after tooth loss through a process called bone resorption. By replacing the tooth immediately with a dental implant, the bone and tissue are preserved.
• Implants improve the ability to eat correctly. If you don’t properly chew your food, it can impact proper digestion. Dental implants allow patients to bite and chew their food as their natural teeth do to improve their eating ability.
• Implants maintain the natural speaking ability. Teeth missing near the front of the smile can make it hard for patients to speak clearly to others. Replacing these teeth with implants restores speaking ability and allows patients to be heard by those they socialize with.
• Implants look natural. Dental implants are covered with dental restorations made of porcelain, ensuring a natural appearance when the entire process is complete.
• Implants help patients maintain self-confidence. Missing teeth can cause patients to feel self-conscious about how they look when socializing with others, so replacing them with dental implants can restore confidence.
• Implants are versatile, replacing missing teeth in several ways. Implants can be restored with bridges, dentures, or crowns to replace one, several, or all the teeth in the dental arch.

Learn more about dental implants in 4S Ranch area

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