What can be done about a Large Cavity?

What can be done about a large cavity?

When there is a large cavity that is unable to be treated with a dental filling, it’s important to see the dentist about a dental crown or, in severe cases, a root canal treatment. Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD of Del Sur Ranch Dental in San Diego, CA is a general dentist who can assist patients with various dental health needs. When patients have developed holes in their teeth known as “cavities,” it is essential that they seek the help of an experienced 4s ranch dentist to address the problem before it becomes more significant, more expensive, and more damaging to the rest of the tooth. Especially large cavities, or aggressive tooth decay, may require restorative treatment to save the tooth and strengthen the tooth’s health and surrounding structure.

What are the causes of dental cavities?

Dental cavities are typically caused by poor oral hygiene. Plaque is a sticky film that develops from food debris, saliva, and bacteria that constantly forms on the surfaces of your teeth. If plaque is not treated and removed, it can harden into tartar, which is more difficult to remove. Tartar buildup can lead to dental cavities by providing a place for bacteria to thrive and damage the tooth enamel. Other factors contributing to dental cavities include dry mouth, frequent snacking, acidic drinks, and certain medical conditions.

What are the symptoms of a dental cavity?

• Toothache
• Sensitivity to hot and cold
• Tooth discoloration

Dental cavity treatment options

  • Fill the cavity. The most common method of addressing cavities is by placing a dental filling. Fillings used to be made with materials such as silver amalgam, which is formulated with mercury and toxic to the human body. Instead, we use composite resin bonding to fill the tooth with a biocompatible material that is tooth-colored and aesthetic.
  • Place a crown on top of the tooth. In situations where a very large filling is needed, the tooth’s structure may be compromised. This can leave it susceptible to further damage if not protected. In a case like this, Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD of Del Sur Ranch Dental will not only fill the tooth, but place a dental crown over the tooth as well.
  • Extraction. If the cavity has left the tooth beyond repair, it may require permanent extraction. After the tooth has been removed, Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD will speak to patients about tooth replacement options. These include partial dentures, complete dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.

How do I learn more?

Contact the team at Del Sur Ranch Dental of San Diego, CA to discuss with Dr. Nidhi Pai, DMD about your oral health needs. His practice is located at 16460 Paseo del Sur, Suite #C105 and is open to new and returning patients who call (858) 759-2700 for an appointment.